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"PALS is a network of international academic centers that have come together to transform windows of vulnerability to mental and physical disorders into windows of neuroscientific advancement with diagnostic and therapeutic implications."


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Recent Publications

February 2018 - Congratulations to Dr. Penninx for "Depression and obesity: evidence of shared biological mechanisms," published in Molecular Psychiatry.


"Both depression and obesity are widespread conditions with major personal and public health implications [1–3]. As there is evidence that their prevalence and relative impact on public health will increase further over the next decade, both conditions deserve our full research and clinical attention.." 

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Drs. Felice and Reagan will be presenting at the Plenary Symposia for the 2018 American Society of Neurochemistry (ASN) meeting March 24-28 in Riverside, California. The symposium will be on "Insulin Resistance, Cognitive Dysfunction and Depression: A common triad in Alzheimer's disease."



Recent Events:

December 2017: Members of PALS presented posters and took part in panels at the annual ACNP conference in Palm Springs, CA. 


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