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The Psychopathology and Allostatic load across the Life Span (PALS) network is a network of international academic centers that have come together to transform windows of vulnerability to mental and physical disorders into windows of neuroscientific advancement with diagnostic and therapeutic implications.


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Recent Publications

July 2018 - Congratulations to Dr. Rasgon and Katie Watson for "Cognitive effects of mifepristone in overweight, euthymic adults with depressive disorders," which was recently published in the Journal of Affective Disorders.  


"Previous studies have shown that individuals with mood disorders have a higher prevalence of both hypercortisolemia and insulin resistance. Insulin resistance is posited to contribute to the cognitive deficits observed in individual who have depression. However, the mechanistic relationship between cortisol and insulin within the central nervous system remains to be further elucidated."


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July 2018 - Congratulations to Katie Watson, and Drs. Nasca, Rasgon and McEwen for "Insulin Resistance, an unmasked culprit in depressive disorders: Promises for Interventions," which was published in Neuropharmacology. 


"We highlight evidence showing how treating IR, with drugs and behavioral interventions, may ameliorate or possibly prevent, depressive disorders and their long-term consequences at various stages of the life course.




March 2018: Drs. Rasgon, Reagan, Tamashiro, and Nasca recently received a grant from the Pritzer Consortium to conduct research on gestational diabetes. This is the first PALS-wide grant to receive funding, so congratulations to all!

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Recent Events:

May 10-12, 2018: Dr. McEwen hosted a symposium at the annual Society of Biological Psychiatry conference in New York entitled "Interdependent Metabolic and Inflammatory Mediators of Depressive Disorders in Animals and Humans" in which Dr. Rasgon and Dr. Nasca presented their data. 

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